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Bonifacio - Corsica - A beautiful Island in the Mediterranean Sea and part of France. An island steeped in history, character and typical french charm. Things high up on the list to see is the Bonifacio Citadel- built in the 9th century and used by the French foreign legion. You can walk around the citadel by foot and also walk along the Citadel walls with coastal views and of course see the Island of Sardinia. There is the elegant port of Bonifacio- an eclectic mix of multi million pound boats, fishing vessels and tourists and of course bars and restaurants- all offering catch of the day, baguettes and beer and a selection of French wines. There are chic shops and boutiques, wonderful stalls selling fresh meat, patisserie items and wine. Language spoken is french, some of the locals do speak english but a phrase book will certainly come in handy for certain words and phrases.
I stayed at The Hotel Genovase, which was actually part of the old Citadel, and it offers the very best views of Bonifacio. It has 15 rooms to offer and the most amazing pool and dining area, we dined here most evenings and the port and town lit up at night is the most breathtaking sight- well worth even just having a meal there. You can relax by the pool with a cocktail or 2 or walk down into the port or the Citadel, please be aware that the steps are very steep but taxis are easy to find and will drive you directly to the start of the harbour. The local airport is Figaro, and a taxi will take you from the airport directly to your hotel, please note it is advisable to book the taxi transfer. Bonifacio certainly was a beautiful, charming place to visit and I would say certainly one for the bucket list.

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